Which of these games are you playing right now?

A lot of the people reading this article have never heard of Minecraft, and yet it is the number one-selling title on the App Store for iOS.

That’s not because it’s great or because people are dying to play it, it’s because Minecraft is so popular that it has a lot of people who are actually interested in playing it, regardless of whether they’re interested in the game itself.

And this is a big reason why so many people are signing up for free to play.

This game is so big that there’s a whole new genre of games coming out that are not Minecraft.

The other reason why Minecraft is being so popular is because it gives players a reason to actually try something new.

This is the same reason why people are spending their hard-earned cash to buy virtual items that have never existed before, or even have no use for the money.

So if you’re not into Minecraft, you’re probably not into other free-to-play games either.

The only reason you’d play something else is if you like to try new things.

I think this is why a lot people who aren’t into Minecraft are signing on to free-play Minecraft.

If they can’t see a reason not to play Minecraft, then they’re probably missing out on something, and it’s very hard to get people into a free-for-all game if they can see a clear need for that.

I’d love to hear what you think about this topic.

Have you tried free-filling games or have you been into them?

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Posted by Scott Wilson at 10:00 PM