When the NFL gets into the NFL’s DNA

A few days after announcing its new, bigger stadium, the NFL announced it would be adding its first NFL-themed theme park.

And for the first time in the league’s history, the theme park is set to open next year.

The announcement is the culmination of the league and the NBA’s recent partnership on a new theme park and stadium, with plans to open in 2020.

While there are no specific dates or sites announced for the theme parks, there are a couple things worth noting.

First, the announcement was made before any announcement of a new stadium, so we can’t say whether the new park will be located in the same place.

Second, it’s unclear when the theme stadium will be open.

The first NFL stadium opened in 2019, and the second was opened in 2018.

That means the new stadium is expected to open at some point after 2020.

The park will take advantage of the stadium’s design and layout, including a retractable roof, and will include a water feature that will help fans cool off during the cold winter months.

There will also be an interactive nature and fitness area that will allow fans to play volleyball, basketball, and dodgeball with a wide variety of sports on offer.

That will be the first park opened by the NFL since the NBA and the NFL partnered on a theme park in 2019.

The NFL said it will “use all of the resources available to us” to create a “world-class sports experience” for fans and fans of all sports.

In addition to the theme-park, the park will include an indoor stadium and indoor stadium-like facilities for events like the Super Bowl and the All-Star game.

And it will also include a “giant screen,” which will give fans an idea of the size of the games.

“We’re going to use all of our resources available for us to create an environment that’s unique and memorable to the NFL, and that we’ll be able to continue to grow and expand in the future,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a press conference Thursday.

“The park will also provide fans with a unique experience to interact with the NFL for the fans of their choosing.”

The NFL’s announcement came a week after the league announced a new partnership with the Walt Disney Co. to launch an indoor indoor stadium in the Orlando area.

The new partnership will open for public use on April 4, 2020, but the stadium is set for open for the regular season in 2021.

The Disney-NFL partnership, which is still in the early stages of development, will offer more than 40,000 seats for the games, which will be held at the Disney-owned Orlando Citrus Bowl, the largest in the United States.

“As a part of the NFL and the Walt, we’re excited to partner with Walt Disney World Resort and Orlando to bring a truly global experience to fans around the world,” said David Polanco, Disney/NFL’s senior vice president of corporate development and partnerships.

“Through our partnership, fans around our world will have the opportunity to experience a brand-new world-class event for a fraction of the cost of other outdoor games, including the NFL.

We’re excited for fans to experience the world-famous NFL and will make sure they’re ready for the game.”

The stadium will not be the only NFL facility to get a theme.

The league also plans to add a World Series stadium in 2021 and a new home for the NFL in 2021 as well.

And on Thursday, the league also announced that it is working on a “Super Bowl” theme park to be built near downtown Los Angeles.

The theme park, dubbed “SuperBowl,” will be set in the San Diego Convention Center, and it will offer a “super-sized” experience with attractions like the Hall of Fame, an outdoor water slide, and a water-filled concourse.

The concept, which has been described as a “premium” experience, will be similar to the one offered in 2019 at the NFL-owned Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which was set to close in 2021 after it was sold to MGM Resorts International.

The Los Angeles area has been home to a variety of theme parks and stadiums over the years, but none have had as big a footprint as the one planned for the SuperBowl.

In 2021, the stadium in L.A. will be a focal point for the league.

The SuperBows have become a part-time, family-oriented experience for fans.

But unlike other NFL stadiums, which have attracted more people and increased attendance numbers over time, the Superbowl in 2021 will have a bigger footprint.

“Our mission at the SuperCamps is to make sure we deliver a great experience for our fans, so our new stadium will feature a brand new design and amenities,” said Walt Disney Imagineering vice president, Rob Leahey.

“And while the stadium will offer seats for just over 35,000 fans, the majority of seats will be for