How to draw a sexy woman on Instagram: This woman is so cool!

In an Instagram post titled “How to draw sexy women on Instagram,” a woman called “maddie” posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend, who appears to be a black woman in a blue dress.

The caption read: “I just want to say hello to my beautiful boyfriend!

We’re friends and we’re dating, and I know how sexy he is!”

The caption continued, “So I’m just going to ask you guys to be gentle with your words, just know he loves me, and that I want him to be happy!”

Maddie went on to post a series of comments that were mostly supportive of her boyfriend and the woman.

She wrote, “He’s the best man for me.

I’m not sure if I’ve had a man that’s been so supportive, and has really looked out for me.”

The post also included a picture, captioned “I have no idea who you are,” and a message from Maddie that said, “I am glad you are excited to meet your new man.”

Maddie’s comments have been shared more than 4,000 times on Instagram, garnering more than 2,000 comments and hundreds of likes.

The woman has since deleted her Instagram account.

According to a report by Mashable, Maddie told Mashable that her boyfriend is not black and that her relationship is a “bromance.”

However, Maddy has been active on Instagram since 2015 and the couple has been dating since 2016.

She added that she has “never had to worry about the police finding out I was dating a black man.”