Why do so many people wear so many body art?

The world is filled with people who wear body art.

Here are the reasons why: Body art is art created by people who love their bodies.

Some artists love their work and are obsessed with their bodies, like artist and fashion designer Lauren Conrad, who is the creative director of body art shop Body, Body and Art.

Conrad said she started designing clothes for the shop in 2010.

“I wanted to create a space where people would be comfortable being themselves, where they would feel like they were free, where there would be art that would reflect who they are,” she said.

Body art includes body-positive artwork, such as the popular Tumblrs trend of “lucky girls” that includes bikini-clad women wearing yoga pants.

The idea is to be confident, but not too confident.

Body-positive art can be as simple as wearing a pair of yoga pants that don’t include a waistband, or an armband that wraps around the body.

Conrad says the art can also include a necklace, a headband or a necklace with a flower in it.

Some body art can even include other accessories like hats and jewelry.

“It can be a bit of a niche thing, but I think that’s a big part of the body art scene,” Conrad said.

Conrad also believes body art is part of a broader trend of people becoming more connected with their body.

Body is not just for fashion and fashion accessories, Conrad said, but body art includes a variety of creative styles.

“Body art is not a specific type of body or anything like that,” she explained.

“But when we look at the body and see what people are doing, it’s a reflection of our lives.”

The Body Art craze began in 2009, and has grown into a popular trend with people from all over the world.

People have taken to Instagram and other social media sites to share their body art with their friends, while also sharing their own body shots and pictures.

The trend is so popular that it has spawned its own YouTube channel, Body Art, Body, and Art, which is where Conrad says she found the inspiration to start her body art company.

Conrad started Body, Art and Art in 2012 after her husband died, and the business has since grown to include her personal business, Body Fashion and Art and her professional clients, including fashion designer Stella McCartney, fashion and makeup artist Michelle McClean and beauty artist Toni-Sophia Lecomte.

Conrad’s business has been growing, too.

She has expanded her shop to incorporate new styles of body and art, and she is even bringing on a new stylist, Stephanie McGovern, who specializes in body art and body-conscious makeup.

In May, Conrad started her new studio, Body + Art, in a warehouse in Dallas.

“The thing that has really helped me along the way is having people that I know that are interested in me,” she told ABC News.

“There’s a certain type of person that is attracted to my aesthetic that’s like ‘I love this look and I think this body style is beautiful and I love how it looks on me,’ and they’re attracted to what I’m doing because I’ve been around them for a long time.”

The first body art designs in the business were made in a small garage in a Dallas home.

They were inspired by Conrad’s desire to express her body, Conrad’s mother, Patricia Conrad, said.

The art was a gift from her mother to Conrad’s father, and it became her family’s signature body art piece, Patricia said.

“When it was all done and the finished product was all in place, it was very much a tribute to my mother,” Patricia said of the art.

The body art business started as a hobby and is a way to connect with others who are interested and inspired by her work, she said, adding that it is important to show respect to the bodies that are being painted.

The main way that people find out about Conrad’s body art, Patricia added, is through the social media platforms.

“People are inspired by what she does, and people are also inspired by the way she looks,” Patricia added.

“If you look at it as a body art thing, it is really just about showing her as who she is, showing her who she really is, and letting her know that we love her and appreciate what she is doing with her body.”

While Conrad said her customers are usually people of all different bodies, she has noticed some people are drawn to certain body types.

“One of my favorite body types is that of a big guy, and I see a lot of guys who are not so big, or guys that are skinny,” she added.

Conrad hopes that her body-based art can inspire other people to express themselves in a way that is positive.

“Because I see it in people who are in their 20s, 30s, I can