Which world art is the most important?

WORLD ART CONTEST: The world art contest has been around for decades and features thousands of entries.

Here’s a look at the top five and how the art world sees it. 1.

J.M. Barrie: “The Snow Queen” (1923)Barrie’s work has been exhibited at the Whitney Museum since 1964.

But the artist was not an established artist at the time and his work never became the dominant focus of the contest.

Now it is the subject of a new exhibition.


John Singer Sargent: “Hound of a Thousand Backs” (1892)Sargent’s work is considered a classic by contemporary art critics.

The painting depicts the horses of the Irish army marching in a parade through the streets of Paris.


John Ford: “Snow White” (1900)Ford’s work won the first-place prize in the 1930s.

His most famous work is “The Winter’s Tale,” which depicted Snow White and her brothers running through snow in a snow-covered forest.


Louis B. Mayer: “A Christmas Carol” (1792)Mayer was the first American painter to receive the Grand Prix prize in 1912.

He was considered one of the best painters in the country at the same time, and his painting of a Christmas Carol is one of his most well-known.


Francis Bacon: “Mona Lisa” (1624)Bacon’s painting of the Mona Lisa is one the most famous of all time.

He used a special pigment to give the painting the beautiful color of white.