When to stop buying art and instead start learning to make art

A new book by Australian art experts is calling on artists to take time out to understand the art world before investing in their work.

Art students and art enthusiasts often forget that the world of art is not as easy to understand as they may think.

A number of artists are starting to make that mistake, says Art Trends Magazine editor and author of the book The Art World: The Curious Art of Art Students.

It’s not like the world is really hard to understand, says Ms Faisal Khan, founder and editor of Art Trends.

You can read a lot about the world, you can do a lot of research on it, but it doesn’t really come to the surface until you go and make a living.

“It’s hard for a lot the public to understand why artists should care about what’s going on in the art industry, when they’re already making a living doing it,” she says.

The book also highlights some of the problems in the industry.

For example, some art galleries have a history of being used as recruitment centres for overseas artists.

In a statement, the Art Gallery of NSW said the issue was not unique to the NSW government, but was the result of the current state of the art market.

Some art galleries are not even licensed to be in Australia, according to the statement.

Another issue with the art trade is that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is not a party to the Art Market Classification system, meaning artists can be paid a lower rate of tax than they would in the UK.

This means that artists can earn a significant profit when they sell their work overseas.

There is also a growing problem of the value of art in the market.

Art can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but there is little incentive for artists to work hard to earn a profit.

Art Trends magazine is the publication of Art World, a national and international award-winning art magazine.

The magazine is published in every state and territory in Australia.

It is available on newsstands and on the Art Trends website.

The book was launched in December 2016 and was published in the US.

It has been translated into more than 40 languages.