We want to be ‘more than a museum’ at Dream World art space

People will get to meet some of the dreamers who created the iconic Dream World, including two who died at the museum last month.

It is a bittersweet moment for the institution as it faces a looming deadline to complete the project that would have included its famous “Dream of the Dreamer” mural, which has become the subject of a lengthy court battle with the city.

We want Dream World to be “more than just a museum,” said Artistic Director Jeff Sisler at a news conference Monday, as the company continues to prepare to move into a new space that will be named the Dream Room.

“Our vision is to make Dream World the place where people come and experience the art world, and we need to be part of the art community and make that dream come true.”

The company, which had planned to start building the museum on the site of the former Dream World on March 15, is now trying to finalize plans for a second location.

The second building will have a similar space layout to the former building, but will have “the additional space to host the Dream World museum,” Sisling said.

The first Dream Room is scheduled to open in 2021.

“The first one is almost over,” Siskler said.

The Dream Room will feature a museum, a gallery, a coffee bar and an outdoor dining area. “

We want to do something great for our city.”

The Dream Room will feature a museum, a gallery, a coffee bar and an outdoor dining area.

It will feature an expansive wall of murals created by artists like Roberta Williams, Michael Caffery, Tom Koehler and more.

Dreamers also worked on a project that will feature murals from the museum, as well as murals of the artist and artists from the city’s art community.

“There will be something that will surprise you,” said Brian Stoll, who helped design the mural in the Dream room.

“It will be an area that will really be the home of the artists that have created the murals.”

Stoll said the muralties will also be housed in a glass and steel sculpture gallery.

“When you think about Dream World and the mural that we’re creating, you’re really picturing the entire city of Dream World,” he said.

Sislers said the second building would be the first in a series of three.

“For the next one, we want to add a third one, and that will have more than just the mural space,” he told the crowd.

“You will have the space to actually be part in the community, and be part with us, because we want the museum to be something everyone can go to.”

Sislander said the company will spend $3 million on the second Dream Room, and another $2 million on a new “museum” that will include an exhibit that will showcase the artworks from the first Dream World.

The project is expected to cost $30 million.

“In the meantime, we are very focused on this project to create a permanent home for the Dream of the Artist,” Sislings said.

It’s not yet clear when the second location for the museum will open, or if it will open at all.

Sisker said the new museum will feature more than 100 works by artists from around the world.

“I think we will see a lot of artists coming to our facility to be seen by the public,” he added.