How to make a digimon world-themed wedding in a few months

By Lauren S. Burdge,Associated PressBy LAURA S. BURDGEAssociated PressNEW YORK (AP) — A few months after the wedding of his first digimon and the arrival of the new Digimon World art world in a series of posts on the Digimon Facebook page, a new wedding photographer has opened his Instagram account and posted a series that includes wedding photography from the new digimon.

The wedding photographer, who calls himself “Digimon World Art Director,” was in town for the DigiDestined’s first wedding, but did not share any photos until now.

He says he has never taken a photo of a wedding before, but his fiancee is a fan of the series.

“I think it’s awesome and really awesome, and we’re all excited,” said the fiancee, who requested her first name not be used because of the sensitive nature of her relationship with the characters.

The two have been together since December, when the two were in their first year at college together.

The bride and groom are from a similar age group, so they have a common interest in being in the same wedding.

“The wedding day has always been my first thing on my calendar,” she said.

“So I’m always looking for something new, and this is my first time doing something that is so different.

It’s going to be a little surreal.”

The wedding will be at a new, family-friendly home in Queens, and the bride and her fiance are hoping to raise $10,000 through the social media campaign.

“My parents and my sister have always been very supportive of my hobby,” she told the AP.

“They love that I can draw so much and do it in such beautiful ways.

I just think this is something I could have done a little bit more for myself.”