Doodle World Art Festival kicks off in Barcelona with a show of poo art

A show of the poo that will be on display at the world art fair, Doodle World, will be up for grabs at the Barcelona Art Fair next month, but organizers are looking for the best, most talented artists to present.

Doodle World is one of the largest art festivals in the world and hosts an annual exhibition in the same city, but it’s the latest to take a stand against climate change, as well as other environmental issues.

The festival is the brainchild of former World War II veterans, who say the art is a way to help support the military in a time of global conflict.

They say their work is meant to be seen and understood by those who will benefit from its installation, but the main goal is to raise awareness of the threat climate change poses.

They hope to draw the attention of a worldwide audience, while also inspiring people to become more environmentally aware.

The festival will feature over 150 pieces, ranging from street art to sculpture and photography, all of which are being designed to address environmental issues, such as drought, rising sea levels and ocean acidification.

They’re also all being presented in a manner that will ensure the art stays safe and will remain free from any contamination.

The show will run until May 15, with the first performances of the year coming from March 25-29.

While the exhibition will be open to the public, the artists will be allowed to display their works for a limited time only, to encourage people to participate.

The show will also include a special “Poof Fest” on May 18.