Which Japanese artists have inspired ajin World art?

We’re sure the Japanese people have seen a lot of great artists in recent years, but which ones have really caught our eye?

And what can you expect from ajin in the near future?

Read on for our picks.1.

Akira Takaishi-san – The most famous Japanese artist of the past 50 years, Akira’s work is now one of the most famous anime series.

Akira is best known for his work on the popular anime series Code Geass, but his work in the art world has also taken off.

He’s worked on artworks for film, TV and manga, including a mural in Tokyo’s Ginza Station in 2006.

His work has also been displayed at museums in London, New York, and Los Angeles, among other locations.


Ayano Yagi – This Japanese artist is best remembered for his manga series “Shiro” (百生, イント), which was translated into English by American comics publisher Image Comics in 2012.

In 2011, he received a National Endowment for the Arts Award for “artistic contribution to manga” and the same year he was awarded the National Cartoonist Society award for “contributing to manga.”

Yagi is best-known for his original character designs for Shiro, which have been translated into over 50 manga and anime series over the years.


Haruka Takada – Haruka Takaya is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator known for her artwork for “Tsukihi”, a manga series by Japanese manga creator Tetsuya Kakimoto.

Takaya also worked on the “Natsume” series and other popular series.

Takada is bestknown for her work in Shiro manga.


Yuji Omori – A young artist known for both his manga and video game work, Yuji made his name with his manga works “Doki Doki Literature Club” (Dokusoku ga Haruhi!

Doki Dokusokiten!) and “A Boy and His Dog” (Aki-kun ga Shiroi!!).

He also worked with the anime series “Yamato to Kyojo wa Shiteki!”

(Kyojo-chan to Yume to Shiro!) in the past, and has been the illustrator for “Shenmue 3” in the future.


Kenji Kishi – Kenji is known for being one of a number of manga artists who have won a major award in the field of manga art.

He was one of those judges at the 2014 Japanese Manga Awards and won a Golden Shinshu Award in 2013.

Kenichi Tanaka, the director of the Japanese Academy of Arts and Sciences, said in a statement, “Kenji’s artistic vision is inspiring and unique.

His art is often considered to be the most sophisticated and detailed in the history of manga.”6.

Tatsuya Murakami – Tatsuya is known as the founder of a new genre of manga: visual novels.

Tetsuwan Atom’s newest visual novel, “Dekka,” tells the story of a boy who becomes a ninja.

It was released in August of 2015, and the first chapter is available on Steam.

It’s currently available for free download.7.

Keiji Nishigawa – Keiji Nishigsawa is best considered one of Japan’s leading manga artists of the late 90s.

He is widely considered one in his generation.

He drew manga and cartoons for over 20 years, starting with the manga “Mushoku” (東方) in 1969.

His early work has inspired a lot more manga and animated television and films.8.

Masaki Sugita – Masaki Suga is best know for his art for “Ookami no Ookami” (心沢良の高束, 深軍の親見育, 俺がお肘楽聞), a series of anime shorts that aired in the 1990s.

Suga also worked as an animator on some of the popular television series “Daihaseki” (デカセイカ), including “Ki ni Taisetsu” (キノク・イスキリス, かなかのほど) and “Mamoru no Atsu” (マルミナのあるのもの, その肌いただいに, 二人の俺は楷に).9.

Toshiyuki Kawasaki – Kawasaki is known to many as a manga artist, but the most notable work he’s done is the visual novel “Ranma ½.”

He was also one of some of Japan ‘s leading visual novel creators and the creator of