African artist shares some photos of a Savage Worlds world

I recently went to a convention in Atlanta and saw some art on display.

The artwork was beautiful, with a mix of African, Asian, and European influences.

One piece of art in particular caught my eye.

It depicted a group of warriors, who were dressed in a red robe and carrying a spear.

The warrior had the word “Savage” written on his forehead, and the words “Sage” on his chest.

I’m a huge fan of Savage Worlds, and I thought I’d take some photos to show my appreciation.

I got some fantastic results.

The art was from the Savage Worlds Core Rulebook.

I don’t think I’ve seen a Savage World game that looks this good.

In my opinion, Savage Worlds is the best Savage World book I’ve ever seen.

In addition to the Savage world rules, Savage World also comes with rules for Pathfinder, Vampire: The Masquerade, and some other fantasy settings.

If you haven’t played a Savage world game yet, I highly recommend checking out Savage Worlds: Core Rule Book. 

I hope you enjoy my images.

In the mean time, check out these other Savage Worlds images: