Words to remember for all time

World art today is the most beautiful and important art form.

We can never replace it, but we can certainly share our memories of its beauty with others.

Here are some of the most memorable words to remember as we look back on the best words from the last 200 years.

First word of the day: Words to remember from the past 200 years: I can’t stop smiling when I hear my wife tell me she is going to meet her new partner.

She is such a beautiful woman.

I love my wife and I hope that we will get married soon.

Words of wisdom: We should be thankful that we have a country that gives us the chance to express ourselves, because it is our country.

World top art today: My favourite is a painting by Pablo Picasso.

It is so beautiful.

I’m so proud of him.

Word of the Day: To say goodbye to someone you love, say a goodbye card.

It means a lot.

It also reminds you of the love that you shared.

If you don’t have a goodbye cards, make a one.

I’ve got a few that are in my house.

I make a few every year.

I hope you had a great holiday.

Thank you.

My son is a big inspiration to me and I love him.

He loves to read, and he is always smiling.

He’s so young.

Thank you for coming to our home.

If you were a friend of mine who died, I would love you to remember that the last time you came here was on this very day.

That’s how I remember you. Thank-you.