The Art of Magic in a Single Picture

Posted August 09, 2018 05:53:33A group of students in a small rural town in Kentucky are making art out of a single picture of a beautiful woman, one that they say has a special meaning for them.

The picture, which has been featured in a local newspaper and has been viewed by millions of people, is a painting of a woman in a bikini, with a butterfly and other animals.

It’s a picture that has captivated a community of around 50 people who came together last month to create a mural that was featured in the local paper.

The students at the small rural school in the rural town of Gentryville are creating a sculpture of the painting and painting it.

They call the painting, which was originally made for a school painting competition, the “magic of magic” because the students say the painting was created by magic.

The mural, called The Magic of Magic, was painted by two students, Jennifer and Andrew Johnson, and their mother, Donna.

The painting was placed in the window of the family’s home, and it’s now being exhibited on a wall in the school.

The Johnson family says the painting is part of a series of art projects, and that it was the inspiration for the mural.

It’s part of an exhibit that will run through the end of August.

The painting is a work of art that the Johnsons are creating in the name of the Magic of the Flying Woman mural.

The Johnson family believes that magic is at work in the painting.

“I think that this is a wonderful way to use your imagination and the power of the mind to make something that has an incredible emotional impact,” Donna Johnson said.

“And it’s a beautiful painting.

I mean, this is the kind of thing that is meant to be experienced and loved.”

The Johnsons say the mural is part the larger art movement that has been occurring across the country in recent years.

The movement, called magic art, involves artists and students in painting images with magical powers.

The paintings have been exhibited in cities like San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

But the Johnson family said they are creating their own art with their art.

They are taking the magic out of magic.

“Magic is magic.

Magic is art.

Magic’s magic is magic,” Donna said.

And the Johnson’s are doing so using the power that magic brings.

“We have been trying to keep the magic as much as we can, but we also know that magic’s a powerful force.

Magic can create miracles,” Donna explained.

“The only way to get magic out is to do magic with magic.”