‘Ice world art exhibition’ opens in India’s capital city

Posted March 03, 2018 14:23:42An exhibition of ice sculptures and works of art at the Delhi Art Gallery has opened in the capital city of Delhi, showcasing the talents of some of India’s best artists and curators.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Ice World Art’, will be open from March 6 to March 10.

The artworks, which include works by artists like Ritu Vadavaram, Dinesh Kumar, Nandan Nilekani, Dronavendra, Rajdeep Sardesai and Prakash Jha, will be exhibited in the gallery, located in the heart of the city.

The exhibition has been organised by the Delhi Arts Council and the Artistic Development Authority of India (ADAI).

“This is the first exhibition of its kind in India.

We are working hard to showcase Indian artists to the world and are looking forward to sharing the world’s views with the public,” said N. V. Kumar, CEO of the ADAI.

The exhibitions will include work by renowned artists including Dronakumar, Ritu, Ravi Chandrasekhar, Sushil, Anushka, Manish Khetan, Suryakumar and Pramod Muralidharan.

The works were created in the 1980s when India was a small country and there were no art galleries.

“We have come across so many talented Indian artists over the years.

We hope the exhibition will help people to see them more clearly,” said M. Srinivasan, curator of the exhibition.

The ADAI is currently running a number of exhibitions in different cities in India and has set up a collection of paintings, sculptures and artworks in Delhi.