‘Wonderland’ author, writer, director to return to film in 2019

WASHINGTON — The first American writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, a former film critic, and the first American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize, William Carlos Williams III, will return to the screen in 2019, according to Warner Bros. He will direct a movie about his experiences in the Vietnam War, according, Warner Bros., the company said.

Williams died of lung cancer in February at the age of 77.

The film is titled “Wonderland.”

Williams was born in St. Louis and received his master’s degree from Columbia University and his Ph.

D. from Yale University.

He spent more than 30 years as a writer, editor, and director in a wide variety of films, including “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” “A Walk in the Woods,” “The World’s End,” “Daughter of the Desert,” and “The Last Tycoon.”

Williams is survived by his wife, Rosemary; two sons, David and Michael; four grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.