What’s up with the Art World Corruption scandal?

Posted by TechCrunch on Tuesday, February 19, 2018 07:14:20In the wake of Art World corruption allegations, the ArtWorld website was hacked, causing the art world to be left without any information about the alleged crimes that took place.

The art world has been left out of the process of cleaning up ArtWorld corruption.

We were told by ArtWorld that ArtWorld was just “the front line in a war on corruption,” that we are all on the same side and that Art World has been “doing their job.”

We are all just in the same position.

It’s been more than a year now since ArtWorld launched an investigation into the Artworld corruption allegations.

ArtWorld, a premier art and fashion brand, has said that it is cooperating with the investigation, but it did not provide any details about how the investigation was taking place or what it meant for ArtWorlds future.

Artworld has faced multiple accusations of corruption in recent months, with its chief executive, Paul Allen, allegedly paying off artists to give him influence over their careers, and Artworld’s vice president of human resources, Chris Treadway, allegedly leaking confidential information to other employees to help him get ahead.

Art world also accused Allen and Treadways chief executive officer, Paul Wachs, of embezzling money from the company and taking money from artists who did not do the bidding of ArtWorld, while it has also been accused of embesion, in which it pays artists to do things like donate their art to charity or to promote it for its own commercial purposes.

In March, Artworld announced that it would be closing its doors, leaving behind an estimated $7 billion in assets.

However, it still continues to operate through a non-profit called the Art Foundation.

Artworld has not said what will happen to Artworlds employees who have worked for the company for years, or how it plans to continue to operate.