If you love art, you’ll love the art world

By now, you’ve probably noticed the rise of art-centric media outlets like Wired, The Verge, and Ars Technica.

The new generation of digital art is starting to see a bit of an uptick in visibility, with a few of the most prominent publications launching new pieces of content, or even offering a “best of” list to showcase their work.

But is it really a good thing for art?

Is there a real benefit to the medium in having a new, creative outlet?

That’s the question asked by Art in Action, a nonprofit that aims to bring more art into the public sphere.

We talked to the organization’s executive director, Jessica Czuchry, about the rise in art-focused publications, the importance of curated collections, and the art community’s evolving relationship with online platforms.

The Art in AgeOf all the different forms of art, digital is the one we’re least likely to hear about.

It’s not something that’s seen as having much of an impact on the medium.

So why is that?

I think that, at least in the short term, there’s definitely some benefit to it, but there’s also some negatives to it as well.

The media landscape is changing rapidly.

There are new outlets like TechCrunch and The Verge coming into the game, as well as outlets like Vice that have some really interesting pieces of work and stories.

So the media landscape definitely is changing, and I think a lot of artists are embracing the new mediums.

But there’s still a lot that can be done to help educate the public about art.

So what are the most important ways you can help inform the art-going public about what’s happening in the world?

The biggest challenge with getting our message out to people is that we’re a very fragmented medium.

There’s a huge amount of different media that is being made available on a daily basis.

And in some cases, those media outlets are competing against each other to get their stories out.

We want to encourage the people who are interested in what we’re doing to get in touch with us.

And if they’re not, we want to help them get in contact with other art-related outlets.

And there are a number of ways that we can do that.

We have a website where you can subscribe to news, video, and podcasts.

There is a new video series we’re launching on Art in Focus, where we will interview our contributors and showcase their art in a way that we believe is relevant to the broader public.

So people can come in, get a look at their work, and then take the time to hear what we have to say about it.

And that’s just one of the things we’re focusing on.

We also have a newsletter, where you will get updates from us about new projects, and we will also send out art updates on Twitter.

So that’s one of those things that we want people to engage with.

And one of our biggest tools is our Facebook group, which is a way for people to get a sense of the breadth of the art industry.

And also our Twitter account.

We’re a global platform.

We post all sorts of art.

And our Facebook page has a lot more art content.

And we have a really strong Twitter presence, which really lets us engage with people in the art space.

We get a lot from our followers.

We talk to them all the time, and have a lot to say.

So we also have some tools that we use for our social media.

We’ve got an Instagram account, which we post our art, and a Snapchat account, where people can send us their artwork.

And so, we’ve got some tools to help people understand how art is being created.

We put out a bunch of articles that cover the latest art and the best art-themed events.

And also, we do an art calendar.

And I think we’ve created a really interesting way to help artists connect with each other in a really engaging way.

We do a lot in our art calendars.

We create a calendar every year and then we post it on our website.

And the art calendar that we do is sort of like a Pinterest calendar, where artists are able to go to a list of things they want to show their work on.

And you can choose what you want to see on that calendar.

So, we have artists showing their work all over the place.

So it’s a lot like Pinterest, but it’s not just a list.

It also has the artists themselves sharing their work as well, so it’s really a great way for them to connect with their fans.

And they can also find the best artists in the area they’re visiting.

And it’s an easy way for users to find art that they like.

We try to be as inclusive as possible.

And of course, we always welcome new art-lovers.

We’ve also created an Art of the Day feature that we are using to give our