How To Make A ‘World’ in a Brick – A Video Tutorial

A little more than two weeks ago, TechRadars editor Chris Wojciechowski posted an article about how to make a “world” in a brick.

In the video, he shows how to create an entire cave out of a small block of wood and a couple of pieces of wire.

This article was then shared on Twitter and Facebook.

The idea for a world is not new.

The idea of using clay as a building material first emerged in a video created by artist Paul Tse in 2012.

In his video, Tse showed how you can build a “living” space out of an 8mm cube of clay.

He created a living space that could be used to store food, as well as furniture, or as a bed.

You can also use the cube to create a base to build your own home.

Tse also used clay as an adhesive to glue a wooden door frame.

The final video in the series was an interactive walkthrough of the process of creating a world out of clay, and how to actually build it.

You can watch the video below.